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Team ; Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Total Raised: $12,906.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 10
Members Recruited: 63

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We have all been impacted by cancer. It is perhaps the one thing that every single one of us has in common. Cancer is not choosy or selective; it affects the weak and the strong, the sickly and the healthy, the old and the young.

In Feb. 2013, our friend, husband, son, brother, nephew, grandson and cousin, Jim was diagnosed with Stage 3B colon cancer at the age of 28. He underwent partial colectomy surgery at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, and after 3 weeks of recovery, began chemotherapy treatments.

Team ; (“semi colon” in honor of Jim’s remaining partial colon) was formed last year by friends and family who wanted to show their support by raising awareness and funds for cancer research and treatment.

Thanks to the love and encouragement of those around him, and the wonderful doctors and nurses at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Jim received a clean bill of health at his 1-year checkup in Feb. 2014. Please join our team and run, walk, donate, or just to show your support to help others receive the same exceptional level of care and win the fight against cancer.

Team Members:
Total Raised$12,906.00  
General Team Donation$1,305.00  
Kelly McGinley$20.00  
   Stephen Blanchette$45.00  
   R Brooks$20.00  
   Erin Burns$20.00  
   Karen Cheung-Larivee$70.00  
   Marie Chochrek$3,520.00  
   Jillian Cody$0.00  
   Emily Conrad$120.00  
   Elizabeth Currie$45.00  
   Dawn Dzienis$225.00  
   Mark Dzienis$95.00  
   Andrew Ellison$395.00  
   Christian Elwood$20.00  
   Andrew Foster$50.00  
   Joseph Girgis$15.00  
   Dave Goodrich$20.00  
   Carol Gray$20.00  
   John Guerin$15.00  
   Jennifer Iliades$20.00  
   Addie Johnsen$40.00  
   Kevin Larivee$70.00  
   Caroline Larson$15.00  
   Steven Larson$20.00  
   Hollie Letendre$20.00  
   Joe Lynch$45.00  
   James McGinley$4,926.00  
   John McGinley$100.00  
   Patricia McGinley$115.00  
   Patrick McGinley$215.00  
   Patrick McInerney$25.00  
   matt michel$40.00  
   Ariela Moreno$0.00  
   Amy Nedroscik$40.00  
   David Nedroscik$40.00  
   Drew Nedroscik$0.00  
   Haley Nedroscik$0.00  
   joseph orloff$20.00  
   Sharon Orloff$70.00  
   Nicholas Pace$20.00  
   Konrad Perry$20.00  
   Joseph Polenchar$20.00  
   Suzi Polenchar$20.00  
   Phoebe Riley$25.00  
   Patrick Ritchie$20.00  
   Laura Sample$40.00  
   Amanda Santacroce$40.00  
   Joe Santacroce$115.00  
   Matt Santapaula$20.00  
   Laura Sarkisian$20.00  
   Evan Simons$45.00  
   Lauren Simons$45.00  
   Morgan Skinner$20.00  
   Joseph Standley$40.00  
   Nancy Standley$40.00  
   Paloma Standley$70.00  
   Thomas Standley$70.00  
   Eric Suther$120.00  
   Liz Thayer$20.00  
   David Valcourt$25.00  
   Cheryl Varey$70.00  
   Kevin Wong$70.00  
   Alyssa Ywuc$20.00  
   Cailin Ywuc$50.00  

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